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So How'd This All Get Started?

(in September 2023)

The Hero Boy story isn't a complicated one. It just took a while to come to life.

In the end, it's about three guys who each love a good sandwich. Correction, a great sandwich. Or better yet, a scrumptious, delicious, old-school Italian hero sandwich.

At the center of the story is Brad Kranz, Atlantan by way of New York City, where, as a younger man he spent years serving up hot and cold heros in his very own NYC sandwich shops. After moving south to start a family (tough to raise the lil ones in the city), Brad worked for Boar's Head on the other side of the counter for dozens of local eateries.

But he always kept looking for that perfect space for the perfect sandwich shop.

One of his best restauranteur customers, Mike Giovine, was also a Yankee transplant, born and raised in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. No stranger to Italian eats, Mike spent plenty of time in the kitchen and at the counter of his old man's eateries at the shore. After scooting down South for the '96 Olympics, Mike opened longtime Atlanta neighborhood standard the Original Wing Factory.


As a couple of restaurant fellas do, Mike and Brad got to talking shop from time to time, and Brad let Mike in on his master plan. "Let me know when you find the perfect place," said Mike.

And wouldn't you know it, that's just what Brad did. When a former donut joint closed right on Mansell Road a mere mile off the Alpharetta Autobahn where Roswell and Alpharetta meet, Brad thought he'd found something special. Mike agreed, and recruited old friend and brand guy Greg Abel to help lend a design and marketing eye to the team. And thusly, Hero Boy Sandwich Company was  born. 

This middle-aged dynamic trio had one mission in mind - bring authentic Italian heros to metro Atlanta. Load sandwiches with deli fresh ham, turkey, capicola, provolone, and more kinds of salami than most locals can even pronounce. Make hand-breaded chicken cutlets that pull triple duty in multiple sammies, including a parmesan and in "The Absolute" - A Kranz original with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers. and basil, and a balsamic glaze. Put broccolini rabe on a pork sandwich and make it make absolutely delicious, juicy, peppery sense. Cook up the greatest hits from the grill and make them even greater, with a philly cheesesteak, meatball parm, and sausage and peppers heros that would bring tears to your Nonna's (grandma's) eyes. Serve all 'em up on custom baked hero rolls - not sub rolls, hero rolls - with just the right flavor and crunch. And just for kicks, make some show stopper 3-foot and 6-foot heros to make a tasty splash at any meeting, tailgate, or get together..


An impossible dream? We don't think so, and we invite you to come find out for your self at Hero Boy Sandwich Company. It takes heart to make a hero.

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